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Capt Aust The Last ACE of WWII

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Signed by Captain Aust: "The Last Fighter Ace of WWII" More details...
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Capt Aust The Last ACE of WWII
Capt Aust The Last ACE of WWII
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Product Details

The Last Fighter Ace of WWII - Signed by Rt. Colonel Abner M. Aust

After I shot no. 4 down at 25,000’, wingman Jackie Horner and I made a couple of passes on a pilot floating down below, but  did not shoot at him. I made a firing pass on another Zero, but was going too fast. As I pulled up to come around for another pass I spotted another Zero very low flying, over broken clouds. As I moved into position he went under the clouds so I pulled up left to his flight path. As I rolled to the right looking for him he flew into a hole in the clouds slightly to my 11 o’clock position.

I went down thru the hole and ended up behind him just to his left side. I could see we were very close to the ground.

I pulled the trigger and saw hits in the engine area which caused some fire.  My .50 calibers came back into the cockpit area and I hit the pilot. I know because he threw both hands up above his head. The Zero flew into the ground and blew up just ahead of me.

My wing man lost sight of me and departed to join up with the B-29 when I made the second pass to get pictures.

I could see tracers above me and that was when I realized I was over an airfield (they continued firing at me but no hits or damage to my P 51).

Evidently the noise from the P51s earlier had alerted the anti aircraft gunners. Because of the heavy broken clouds I did not see the airfield below.

After I pulled up above the clouds I made another pass over the crashed Zero to take more gun camera pictures to make sure I had enough proof to claim number five. When I pulled up on top of the clouds I could not find my wing man. He probably thought I had been hit by the anti aircraft fire so I departed to join up with the B-29s for the trip back to Iwo Jima. I was one of the last P51s to return to Iwo and I did two slow Victory rolls over the runway on arriving to indicate I had shot down two enemy aircraft. I only got credit for one destroyed and one probable as my gun camera film had been out before I destroyed number five.

13 x 19 High Quality Color Print on High Gloss paper

Suitable for framing

High quality color print

Artist: Zbigniew Kolacha

Signed by: Captain Abner Aust


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